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Why Do I need a Systems Integrator?

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

Always wondered why a Name Brand Doesn’t Automate Homes, Setup Security Devices or even Install the products them self, why do they always rely on third Party Integrator to do the same? Are they not well equipped? Why don’t they cut out the middle man? Don’t They Know their Products the Best?

Well the answer to this is a little more complicated than just a yes and no.

Let’s start with who is a Systems Integrator? A Systems Integrator Is an Individual or a firm that integrates different systems to speak the same language.

Many Name Brands Might have all the knowledge about their product and at the same time they are equipped with the knowledge on the same brand, but might be completely unaware on the complexities of another brands system, a systems integrator has knowledge on both and will make both or multiple system function in the right way intended and makes it easier for the user to monitor and control multiple systems that might be installed in an individual’s home.

A Tech Savvy Individual can set up different devices as stand-alone products but to make all the different systems to work in harmony is a completely different task:

For example, A complex scene would be as follow

User Command: “Alexa – Good Morning”

Systems Command:

· Lights – All Area = OFF

· Living Room Curtain – Open

· Master Bedroom Curtain – Open

· Geyser/ Water Heater – On

· Coffee Machine – On

· Air Conditioner – Off

· Tv – On

· Tv – Select Music Channel

· Tv – Select Audio Output

· Audio System – On

· Audio System – Select TV as Input

· Audio System – Volume 16

Here's Verge Showing Why You Need a System Integrators

Well, the name brands might be good for a particular said task, like Lighting Control or Audio Control it’s an Integrator job to make all the necessary arrangements to make the end user’s life easier. At the same time an Integrator also might save money for a customer as he knows the full potential of each product installed and can optimize the setup to be most efficient.

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