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Home Automation Versus Smart Light

The battle between smart products and smart home automation is at its peak and often might confuse you to why you’d need an automation and why can’t you just use just smart lights, plugs etc.

With the advent of LED, we have seen multiple traditional brands and even non-traditional brands of the industry have all started importing and selling LED’s. With only pricing and warranty as a battleground we have seen companies making there lights as to what is known as SMART. These smart bulbs are either color changing or have their own app with a few scheduling functions or both. Most of these bulbs to keep the cost down work on either BLUETOOTH MESH NETWORKS or Radio Frequency Systems. To enter the ecosystem is a little complex as you must buy all the bulbs from them (most don’t have a wide range of smart light options) and the average wattage from these bulbs is from around 7 Watts – 9 Watts which clearly doesn’t suit homes with high ceilings. Also, if one of the bulbs does go out, you’ll probably have to make a trip to the place where you bought it from or even online you will take a day to receive the same. We love the ideas of smart lights but as of now the Segment is in its early Days. With Home automation you can not only counteract the problems above and have a free style of lighting design but also at the same time also make the Lighting sync with your music, time, and other device preferences..

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