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How Do I Make Time?


In the early years of technological revolution, it was predicted that the modern-day human would have more free time to spend time with their family and friends, but look around, does It seem like that?

I’m pretty sure, the answer is NO.

In 1960’s a US subcommittee predicted that we would have a 14-hour work week by the year 2000, Yes in the US but however those trends have somewhat trickled down to developing nations. If that seems a little stretched in India people work up to 72 hours a week which causes burn out: i.e. loss of motivation and a growing sense of emotional depletion. Research has shown that people who work longer than 11 hours have a more than twice the chance of having a depressing episode.

Hear Lou from BEME NEWS Explain the same


Well, in today’s day and age it is important for every man/woman to make time for themselves automation might seem like an unneeded pitch here, but it is time we start putting all our smart devices to make time for us and make us feel well.

Turn off your Air Conditioner/ Fan 1.5 hours prior to the wake-up time as warmth signals our brain to wake up in addition to this try slow dimming up the lights in your room to turn on or you could even automatically open your curtains. This will wake you up from the right side of the bed with a pleasant smile,(instead of an annoying alarm screaming into our ear) and by the time you’re out of bed you could save up to 20 mins waiting for your hot water additional 5 mins for your coffee machine to make your coffee, the TV can go on in the background so you could focus on what you do while catching up with your NEWS. And suddenly you have an additional 2 hours or so in the evening. Similarly, in the evening you could have your routine set up to wind you down, research has shown when you shift to a warmer light tone and dimming down the light it also signals your brain to wind down to feel rejuvenated the next day.

To let you in on a little secret: This is also what Ariana Huffington’s

(Editor in chief of The Huffington Post) evening schedules of automation looks like.

Source of Research:

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